Sun 19 Sep 2021 21:05

Volunteer Roles

Our club is mainly run by volunteers, the coaches, first aiders, club Secretaries etc, none of what we do behind the scenes and on the pitches would be possible without their help and support and without them, our club wouldn’t function like it does today.

We currently have vacancies which are being covered by people with more than one role and it can be very demanding and challenging.

We are asking all of our members to consider helping out and volunteering in a role that will keep the club running at its absolute best and continuing to thrive.

We have the following positions available :

Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Responsible for the retention, training, organisation, recruitment and welfare of a volunteers for the club to operate effectively on a weekly and on going basis

Data Officer

To manage and maintain the club’s entries on the RFU Game Management System (GMS), ensuring that all entries accurate to enable the provision of information to both the club and RFU. The maintaining of accurate data will also assist in club communications.

Coaches Co-ordinator: 
To work with coaches and assistants to ensure that they receive appropriate support, training and development. To work with coaches and assistants in the preparation, development and organisation of coaching sessions. To implement and enforce Club Policies and Guidelines, as required.

Assistant Secretary 

Provide administrative support to the Honorary Club Secretary in relation to all the administrative duties that enable the club and its members to function effectively.

I appreciate that this is a long message, but I wanted you to have a brief overview of what positions are available, not only for you to decide which one you would love to help out with, but to reflect on how much our volunteers do for the club.

These roles do not have to be exclusive for one person, they can be shared roles what we need are  volunteers who are willing to use a little of their free time to support our club and we would be extremely grateful indeed.

Please email          

I look forward to hearing from you.

With anticipation and thanks

Tina Prewer



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