Wed 08 Mar 2023 20:40

The 200 Club is a long-established monthly prize draw with a bonus draw at the end of the year. The draw is a profitable fund raiser for our club. You will be allocated a number between 1 – 200. Please ask for another form if you would like to be allocated more than one number. Winners each month will be sent a cheque in the post so please ensure we have current contact details.

Five numbers are drawn each month: -
Top prize
Two prizes
Two prizes

In addition a Grand Draw is held at the end of December each year with prizes of: -
1st prize
2nd prize
3rd prize

The cost of subscription is £24 per annum payable by bankers order either annually or £2.00 per month in advance. If you or any member of your family would like to join, please complete the details below and return the form to Anne Meadows, or hand to any committee member.